A Capela is synonymous with nature. The central area of the Natural Park of Fragas do Eume lies in the south of the A Capela municipality. In the heart of this protected area you will find the monastery of Caaveiro.

Further north, the mountain area of Forgoselo is also a protected area, where 30 burial mounds are located; the majority of A Capela’s archaeological remains.

There are five signposted routes across the municipality that will guide you through a natural environment full of contrasts and will allow you to visit most of the beautiful sites of this region.

Since 2006, when the Ethnographic Museum of A Capela was opened by the Natural Park, ethnography is of crucial importance in this municipality. In this interpretive centre you will discover Galician culture, the relationship between man and environment, as well as examples of traditional architecture.



Visit the monastery of Caaveiro and you'll find yourself in the heart of Fragas do Eume!
Did you know that...?
A Rapa das Bestas is a famous ritual that involves cutting the manes of wild horses and A Capela is one of the few places where this tradition is still kept. This eye-catching spectacle takes place every July in Forgoselo.