As Somozas is a leafy inland municipality with fertile land.

Two rivers run through As Somozas, Mera and Xuvia, and there are two recreational areas on the banks of the rivers. These recreational areas blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings.

The recreational area in O Carballo is man-made with dikes along the Xuvia River and has a playground and a swimming pool. A Queiroga, the other recreational area in As Somozas, is near the Mera River, in a unique forest environment with heavy foliage of pine, oak and birch trees. Close to A Queiroga you can find a restored stone mill.

The landscape in As Somozas is quite colourful. There are also religious buildings all over the municipality; several churches built in different styles, chapels and Galician cruceiros (stone cross) are part of the architectural heritage of the town.

O Carballo, the capital of the municipality, has a picnic area with an outdoor pool open in summer time.
Did you know that...?
As Somozas was named after a French nobleman called Sumaças who was granted this land by the Spanish Kings.