One of the pilgrimage routes of the region is the way to San Andrés de Teixido. Although pilgrims arrive from all over Galicia, the original way to San Andrés begins in the monastery of San Martiño de Xuvia (O Couto), in the municipality of Narón. From there, across Valdoviño, pilgrims walk about 42 kilometres to their final destination: the sanctuary of San Andrés de Teixido, in Cedeira.

Apart from this original way, there are two more: one from Ferrol (from the seaport and the small chapel of Santa Comba, in the North) and another one from San Adrián de Veiga, in Ortigueira. This 24 kilometre-long route crosses the spectacular mountain area of A Capelada.

The legends
There are many myths and legends related to this saint. Tradition dictates that pilgrims must drink from one of the three pipes of the fountain and make a wish. In order to find out if the wish has been granted, you must throw a breadcrumb into the water. If it doesn’t sink, the wish has been granted. Another myth is related to the “love herb” that grows in the area, and has the power to make two people fall in love.

As the saying goes, “he who does not visit San Andrés de Teixido while alive, will visit when dead”. Whether you are a believer of not, the route is worth it. There are many places of interest to visit, like the monastery of Couto, the watermill of Aceas, the pazo of Libunca, the mountain of dos Nenos, the medieval stone bridge of Porto do Cabo and, of course, the church of San Andrés and its Baroque altarpiece.

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Visit the viewing point of Garita de Herbeira, just over 600 metres above sea level. From this spot, the views are breathtaking. The cliffs of A Capelada are the highest in Europe!
Did you know that...?
Father Sarimiento, a Benedictine monk and famous writer, walked the way to Teixido in 1755. One of his main goals was to get to know the area better.