Cariño is a quiet, sheltered place in the middle of nature; a small coastal town in the northern area of A Coruña.

Three kilometres away from the town you find the cape Ortegal. In this magical spot the Cantabric Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet. In between the two seas, a unique rock formation emerges from the waters to defy the two seas; it is called the Three Aguillóns.

The rugged coast from Cape Ortegal to Cedeira is listed as Site of Community Importance. It is a spot of indisputable geological and natural interest. A huge number of European marine birds pass by the lighthouse of Ortegal at the end of summer. The event is of a breath-taking beauty, worth seeing.

Cariño is the ideal destination for birdwatchers from all over the world. The municipality becomes a bird sanctuary both during summer (in Ortegal) and in winter (the estuary of Cariño and Ortigueira).


Try the famous homemade canned food and salted sardines, typical of a coastal town closely linked to the sea.
Did you know that...?
The dance of the arches is a traditional dance which is always performed at all festivities. The most important festivity takes place on the 16th of July: the festivity of the Patron Virgin, a Virxe do Carme.