Cedeira is a real paradise for nature. The mountain area and the cliffs of A Capelada will leave nobody indifferent.

Walking through A Capelada to discover the fauna of the area, such as cattle and horses put out to graze. There are also herds of wild goats. If you pay close attention, you might even see wild boars and foxes. Peregrine falcons are often sighted in the area of Garita de Herbeira. From this viewpoint, you have an impressive view of the highest cliffs in Europe, a steep fall to the vastness of the Ocean.

The most magical landmark in Cedeira is the sanctuary of San Andrés de Teixido, located in the mountain area. Pilgrims, believers and tourists often visit the sanctuary and enjoy the wonderful views of the coastline.

Walking through the narrow streets of the town centre, you discover the remains of a stone wall surrounding the old historic area. The unique buildings, with glazed window balconies, face the estuary from their privileged location.

The estuary of Cedeira is guarded by the castle of the Conception, built in 1747 on the ruins of a Celtic settlement, which defended the village from sea invasions. Nowadays, you can learn about its history in the interpretative centre inside of the castle.


If you want to visit Castillo de la Concepción, remember that it is only open to the public in summer.
Did you know that...?
Close to the viewing point of Garita de Herbeira, there is a commemorative plaque for the famous actor Leslie Howard, who played the main character in Gone with the Wind, who died on this coast.