Fairs and fiestas

Right across the Ferrolterra – Rías Altas destination we find lots of fiestas. Religious, culinary and music festivals, are spread out through all municipalities and mainly take place in summer.

Religious festivals include the pilgrimage of San Andrés de Teixido, Holy Week in Ferrol and the Romeria da Fraga in As Pontes.

There are many festivals. And there is something for everyone, from rock music to Celtic music and others that commemorate historical events. This is the case of the Festival do Rio Castro (San Sadurniño), the Irmandiño Festival (Moeche) and Oenach Atlántico (Narón). Events with music are Felipop and Fenerock (Fene), Festa da Terra e da Lingua (Narón), the famous Ortigueira Festival and that of Ortegal Rock (Cariño).

Gastronomic celebrations deserve a separate chapter. We could say that there is no product without its respective fiesta to extol it. Mussels in Barallobre and clams in Maniños (Fene), rock sea urchin in Chanteiro (Ares) and jumbo squid in Ares, shellfish in O Barqueiro (Mañón), requeixo (dessert made with fresh cheese) in A Capela, goose barnacles in Cedeira and Valdoviño, turnip tops in Cerdido, Monfero and As Pontes or honey in Ortigueira, Cerdido and As Pontes.

From all the gastronomic events we highlight the festivals of Neda breadPolbo (octopus) in Mugardos, Pemento do Couto (peppers) (Narón) and the Caldeirada e Sardinas Lañadas (fish stew and split sardines) in Cariño.

Fiestas of International Tourist Interest 

Fiestas of Tourist Interest in Galicia

  • Holy week (Ferrol).
  • Festa das Pepitas (Ferrol), 18th March
  • Festa das Carpets Florais do Corpus Christi (Ares), late June.
  • Festa do Polbo (Mugardos), second Saturday in July.
  • International Festival of the Celtic World (Ortigueira), second weekend of July.
  • Oenach Atlantico (Narón), late July.
  • Romería da Fraga (As Pontes), 25th July.
  • Festa do Pan (Neda), first Sunday of September.