Framed by the estuary of Ferrol in the North and Ares in the South, Fene is renowned for its shipyard and its architectural value. Different architectural styles live side by side; religious architecture alongside Indiano architecture built by the emigrants who returned from America. The two town halls are examples of the most modern architecture style.

In Fene there are many archaeological remains that will take you on a journey into the past. The rock carvings of Marraxón, the tombs of Campo de Mámoas in Mount Marraxón, the Celtic settlement of Orra in Sillobre, the burial mound of Campo da Arca in Barallobre and the Celtic settlement in Magafoles are some of the most significant examples of these remains. Many Celtic settlements were romanised, like the remains of a fish-salting factory of Vilar de Colo, in Limodre. A Medieval stone bridge over the river Belelle has been preserved in beautiful natural surroundings.

There are two unique museums in Fene: the shipyard Museum of Astano and the Museum of Humour, the only one of its kind in Europe.

For indie music fans, the Felipop festival takes place every August in Limodre.
Did you know that...?
The Monumento al Caminante Desconodido was built in 1934 and has an outdoor library.