Ferrol is a city of contrasts: from the estuary that was named after the town and its medieval streets, to the military architecture and the fortified castles.

The city is closely connected to the sea. Ferrol is home to shipbuilding yards,  the main industrial activity since 18th century, when it became an industrial city at the forefront of modernity.

Together with industrial heritage, the town still has a strong military tradition and the Arsenal, a military base and shipbuilding yard, is still used by the Spanish Navy. You will find many listed Assets of Cultural Interest in the Arsenal’s main building.

One of the main tourist attractions is the castle of San Felipe, a military fortification located at the entrance of the estuary to control maritime traffic. The building dates from the 18th century but the original construction on the site was built in 16th century.

There are two landmark buildings in the centre of Ferrol city. The Parador Nacional de Turismo, a noble mansion turned into a State-run hotel, and the Theatre Jofre, one of the most important examples of theatre architecture in Spain.

However, Ferrol is also strongly linked to nature. You just have to get away from the city centre to discover fabulous unspoilt beaches, like Doniños.

Visit the castle of San Felipe, a highlight of the city surrounded by a breath-taking landscape.
Did you know that...?
Ferrol is currently a candidate to become a Unesco World Heritage site, under the project name "Ferrol de la Ilustración".