Lively Celtic music, people from all over Europe, a libertarian spirit. The Ortigueira Festival which emerged in 1978 led by the Ortigueira Bagpipe School turned into an unmissable summer event in Galicia over the years, achieving the declaration of Festival of International Tourist Interest in 2005.

Thousands of youngsters visit Ortegal every month of July to enjoy the four days of music and diversion, a different way to come into contact with a musical style away from the more commercial styles and be surrounded by nature in an atmosphere of unique freedom.

More than music
Organised by the council of Ortigueira, the offer of the veteran event includes some twenty free concerts of the most renowned bands of Celtic music, the most notable artists of the Galician Folk Industry and new creators. Apart from the central core of the concerts, a variety of artistic events are on offer: photography, craftwork… which enrich the festival proposal, awarded with the Galician Culture 2015 Prize.

Book the best place in the camping area. You will enjoy the Morouzos beach and a dip as soon as you wake up.
Did you know that...?
International Festival of the Celtic World is, since 2005, Fiesta of International Tourist Interest.