Local examples of Galician cuisine can be sampled in any small town. All sorts of fish and seafood from the estuary, like goose barnacles from Cedeira, the famous octopus from Mugardos or canned food and the salted sardines from Cariño. Inland, you can sample peppers from O Couto, bread from Neda, almond cookies and mushrooms from As Pontes de García Rodríguez, the grelos (turnitp tops) of Monfero and Cerdido, beef from A Capelada, honey from San Sadurniño and Moeche, home of the famous “tetilla” cheese.

Quality cuisine
The destination Ferrolterra – Rías Altas offers a mix of inland and coastal tourism. High quality products produced from the land and sea, together with the food festivals organized all over the region, make the local gastronomy a tourist attraction all of its own.

We invite you to travel around this destination, where you will find out many friendly restaurants. The market and its seasonal products define these cuisines, those more traditional and the innovatives ones.

Find out where to eat.

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