The focal point of this inland municipality is the castle of Moeche and the history of this land was written around this medieval fortification.

The parade ground is the best preserved part of the castle of Moeche. There is also an 18 metre-high tower of homage and a moat carved out of rock.

In 1431, the castle was the scene of the Irmandiños Revolt, the uprising that lead the vassals to evict the noble family of Andrade from the fortress.

Every third Saturday of August since 1980, the Irmandiño festival pays tribute to the rebels of the Irmandiños Revolt. Outdoor meals and musical performances take place all day long and at midnight the assault on the castle is re-enacted. The villagers, armed with weapons, take over the fortress and commemorate their victory.

Take part in the Festival Irmandiño and join the inhabitants of Moeche in a journey to the past to storm the castle.
Did you know that...?
The Second Irmandiños Revolt took place in 1467, but this time the rebels were defeated and compelled to restore all the damaged buildings.