The flagship of this municipality is the monastery of Monfero, mostly built in Baroque style. It was founded at the beginning of 12th century and was later fully renovated in the 17th Century.

The majestic appearance of this religious building gives us an idea of how powerful the clergy was in this region. This was also one of the most important and powerful monasteries in all Galicia.

There are still some medieval single-arch bridges, built in the 15th century: Ponte do Dez over the Frai Bermuz river, Ponte de San Paio over the Lambre River and the bridge over the Lambruxo river.

The natural environment of Monfero is the perfect place for active tourism and you can take part in a multi-activity circuit. The municipality is the ideal destination for mountain sports fans.

You can visit the monastery of Monfero if you book in advance but check the opening hours first.
Did you know that...?
“Grelos” (a typical Galician vegetable, similar to turnip tops) are typical to this area. They celebrate their biggest festival in Val de Xestoso, in February.