In Mugardos, you can soak up and savour the maritime atmosphere. Walk through Cantón da Mariña, alongside the seaport, and taste the world famous Mugardesa style octopus in any of the restaurants of the area. Every July they celebrate the Octopus Festival, which has been declared to be of special tourist interest in the region of Galicia.

Mugardos’ picturesque architecture also has a maritime look and many of the houses have traditional glazed window balconies. In the seaport, O Seixo, your eyes will be drawn to the multitude of brightly-coloured glazed window balconies. There are also mansions in the Indiano architectural style which were built in 19th century, such as the Chalé de Esperante.

In Mugardos you can also enjoy military and religious architecture. Of the former, the 16th century castle of A Palma represents the best example. Without a doubt, the building itself, its history and natural surroundings make this castle the gem of the town.

There are many religious buildings in this municipality but the church of Santiago de Franza is the most valuable example of them all. Built in neo-Gothic style, it contains the Renaissance tomb of Pedro de Sillobre, a 16th century nobleman.

The perfect spot to take the best postcard picture of the estuary of Mugardos is the top of the A Bailadora mountain, 265 metres above sea level.
Did you know that...?
The Castle of A Palma was used as a military prison where Antonio Tejero, the Lieutenant Colonel who led the failed attempted coup d'état in 1981, was held.