The greatest cultural offer is in Ferrol, the largest town of the destination and with the greatest population. However, throughout the destination we will find other unique museums.

Ferrol. Exponav should be mentioned, which comes from the significance the shipbuilding industry has had on the town and where we can see how a ship is built. There is also the Naval Museum, next to the Arsenal. In its exhibition we see wrecks or models of sunken ships.

In addition to industrial tourism, there are other museums. The Museum of Natural History is one of the most important in Spain. In it you will find, among other things, the most important collection of North Atlantic Cetaceans in Europe. Other museums include the teaching garden Aquaciencia and Xornalismus, on the history of journalism.

Fene. The ASTANO museum emerged from the industrial nature of the town, and which can be visited by contacting the shipbuilding company. But undoubtedly the biggest attraction is the Museum of Humour, unique in Spain due to its subject matter.

Ortigueira. The Ortegalia Museum invites us on a journey from Prehistory through the region. Another option is the Meixido Ethnographic Museum, with a vast collection of 30 ancient crafts.

A Cappella. To get to know the lifestyle and the people of his area, we can visit the Ethnographic Museum. Moreover, it is located in a beautiful natural setting.

As Pontes. We find the Monte Caxado Ethnographic Museum and the Casa do Mel, a unique place to discover the exciting world of bees.

Most museums have free admission or charge a small fee.
Did you know that...?
Ferrolterra - Rías Altas has a varied cultural offer. For example, the programming of the Teatro Jofre (Ferrol), Teatro de la Beneficiencia (Ortigueira) or the Pazo da Cultura (Narón).