Neda is renowned for its beautiful landscape, with river Belelle as its best natural asset.

The central stretch of the river runs through lush green forests in deep valleys. One of them is O Roxal, which features a beautiful 45 metre-high waterfall in the heart of a leafy forest.

Neda has been Galicia’s indisputable wheat capital since 1558, when King Philip II founded Casas Reales, a sponge cake factory, to feed the Armada.  The baking tradition in this municipality goes back to the Middle Ages, when watermills were placed on the banks of the river Belelle to take advantage of the high quality of its running waters. Every year the Festa do Pan festival pays tribute to the excellent quality of this bread.

There are two important monuments not to be missed in this town. The Church of Santa María, built in Baroque style with some neo-Classic elements, is found in the centre of the town. This church holds the Cristo de la Cadena, a Crucified Christ in Tudor English-Gothic style. The privately owned pazo of Queen Isabella II of Spain, founded in 1841 as a textile Factory, is famous for its iron fountain and its granary.

Take a hiking route and stop by the waterfall on the river Belelle.
Did you know that...?
There are several important archaeological remains in Neda, such as the Celtic settlement Castro dos Ancos.