Ortigueira means mountain, valley, river, sea and, above all, estuaries. Ortigueira is a land of contrast: with the highest peaks of the mountain area of A Capelada and A Faladoira right by the sea.

The estuary of Ortigueira and Ladrido is one of the most important wetlands in Galicia. For the more adventurous, there are nine routes across coast and mountain that will allow you to enjoy the great natural and environmental assets of the area.

However, Ortigueira has a lot more to offer. For instance, Ortigueira also means history and heritage. Up to fourteen Celtic settlements can be found in this region and among them is the best example of a Celtic maritime settlement, the site of Punta dos Padros.

The town also has some important 19th century buildings, like the Theatre of Beneficencia, the town hall housed in a former convent and the church of Santa Marta.

Every summer this town becomes the capital of Celtic music with the Ortigueira International Festival of the Celtic World. Thousands of people attend this international event.

Climb up to the castle O Casón. From the ruins of this castle, there is a breath-taking view of the estuary and the mountains of A Capelada.
Did you know that...?
In 2005, the Festival of Ortigueira was listed as International tourist attraction.