pan neda

The great quality of the water in the area gives the bread great flavour. Thanks to this, Neda has been the Galician capital of wheat since 1588, when the Casas Reales was established in the town. The Casas Reales was a sponge cake factory that provided food for the army of the Kings of Spain for over a century.

While you’re in Neda, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the bread on the first day of September, when the Festa do Pan de Neda is celebrated. In 2013, this festival was listed as being of Tourist Interest in Galicia.

Wheat watermills
The Route of the Watermills, built in the Middle Ages along the river Belelle, is another tourist attraction related to the bread of Neda. This route is free of charge and can be booked in advance all year round. On this route, you will learn how bread is made in O Roxal, one of the watermills renovated to preserve the tradition of the town. At the end of the tour, visitors also have the chance to sample some other traditional products of Neda. On this route you can also experience the exceptional environment.

Taste the artisan bread in any of the bakeries of Neda, and don't forget to try the Galician "empanada"!
Did you know that...?
Fifteen watermills are preserved in Neda and they all continue the medieval baking tradition.