You can enjoy breath-taking panoramic views from the famous stone bridge over the river Eume which flows into the town of Pontedeume.

Traces of the medieval past can be seen everywhere in the old part of the town. The bridge is a reconstruction but preserves the essence of the original one. It also gives you an idea of what awaits you in the charming streets and squares of the town. There are two important monuments not to be missed.

The Torreón de los Andrade is the only remnant of the old 16th century pazo. Currently, it has been turned into an interpretive centre about the history of the feudal lords that ruled this region. Some of the remains of the stone wall that protected the town can still be seen.

There are two churches that should not be missed: the church of Las Virtudes and the church of Santiago. However, Pontedeume has a lot more to offer. In the outskirts of the city you will find quiet beaches and green hiking areas.

Go for tapas in some of the bars in Real Square, near the town hall. This square has existed since the town was founded in 1270.
Did you know that...?
A few kilometres away from the town centre you will find the Castle of Andrade. According to legend, there was a secret passage between the castle and the pazo that the Andrade family owned in the centre of the town.