San Sadurniño is a rural inland municipality. San Sadurniño is located in the valley of the Grande Xuvia River and it’s the perfect destination if you are looking for a tranquil spot in natural surroundings.

San Sadurniño was once the administrative heart of the region and you can still see some buildings that were built back then. The castle of Naraío is the most important of all. This 15th century fortress is located 300 metres above sea level and you can enjoy astonishing views from there.

The convent of O Rosario stands out in this village. It conserves the monaster’s cloister with seven semi-circular arches on each side.

Another monument that is worth a visit is the pazo (country house) de la Marquesa de San Sadurniño, currently used as town hall.  This pazo is famous for its 19th century glazed window balcony and its French style gardens.  In 2013, the city council renovated the surroundings to revive the air of nobility that the pazo once had.

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Did you know that...?
San Sadurniño is known to be the "town of tranquillity".