Holy Week is a religious festival that is experienced with particular devotion in Ferrol. It is the most important in Galicia, along with that of Viveiro (Lugo). In 2014 it was declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest, which gives it an even greater appeal to enjoy this tradition.

From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus are vividly remembered. Throughout the entire week a total of 26 processions, organised by the five guilds of the city, parade through the streets.

The streets of the districts of Esteiro and A Madalena are filled with worshippers and tourists to admire the spectacular and emotional parades. Especially during the processions of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

The beauty of the streets and temples must be added to these meticulous processions. There are three main stages. The neoclassical style Co-cathedral of San Xiao,  is a recommended stop. For their part, the chapels of the Mercerd and the Third Order of San Francisco overflow with charm, which make Easter in Ferrol even more magical.

Do not miss the Os Caladiños procession on Good Friday night.
Did you know that...?
The procession of the Christ of Mercy and Our Blessed Lady is characterised because it ends with a moving song from the military. Furthermore, it is the longest and largest, with 1,800 brothers.