Valdoviño is known for the beauty of its coastline. You can find open sea beaches like O Baleo, Pantín and the sandy area of A Frouxeira. The lagoon of A Frouxeira is a protected area and one of the most interesting ecosystems of the Iberian Peninsula.

Valdoviño is synonymous with surfing and the capital of this sport is Pantín. Thousands of surfers visit the town to attend the Pantin Classic competition, one of the most important of its kind in Spain, held at Pantín beach.

However, the municipality has more to offer. There are many Celtic settlements and burial mounds all over the area. The most important archaeological settlements are Pena Moura and Porto Novo. Both of them are part of the pilgrimage route to San Andrés de Teixido, in Cedeira.

Of all religious buildings in the town, the most important one is the Baroque church of Santiago de Lago, with beautiful ornaments and a picture of Santiago Apostle dressed as a pilgrim in the facade.

Visit the lighthouse of An Frouxeira, in Meirás. This lighthouse was one of the last ones to be built in Spain and its avant-garde design make it very different from the traditional ones.
Did you know that...?
Roman Polanski shot some scenes for his film Death and the Maiden on the cliffs near point Frouxeira.